Strategic Plan Working Document

Dear Portsmouth School Community,

As promised last summer, the Strategic Planning Subcommittee, championed by School Committee Member, Emily Copeland, has drafted the core objectives for the Portsmouth School Department’s 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

Attached, please find the proposed DRAFT objectives for your review and feedback.We encourage you to submit written comments, suggestions and feedback via the below link which will bring you to our feedback form. We welcome and appreciate your feedback!

In addition to the Feedback form, a series of forums at the schools will be arranged to allow parents, staff and community members to voice their thoughts and suggestions on the proposed draft objectives

Feedback Form Link:

Please feel free to contact Lettie Lemoi at or Emily Copeland at with any questions.

Welcome to the Portsmouth School Department Strategic Plan (2014-2019) Webpage!

We are currently working on our new Strategic Plan.  Meeting updates are posted in the Subcommittee Documents>Subcommittee Meetings>Strategic Planning Subcommittee folder